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we're told each big square below represents one whole express the shaded area as both a mixed number and a decimal so pause this video and see if you can do that what would this be as a mixed number and then what would it be as a decimal all right now let's do it together so let's first start with the mixed number so we see that we have one hole here the whole thing is filled out so this is going to be one hole and then over here we have part of this second hole filled out and it looks like we are dividing this hole into 10 equal sections and then two of those are filled out so as a mixed number we have one and then you have two of the tenths filled out so this is going to be one and two tenths and we're done you can see here this is split into tenths and we filled in two of them now what about as a decimal well we could just express one into tenths as a decimal we could say hey that's going to be one and then we get to the tenths place and then how many tenths do we have we have two of them so that's going to be one point two let's do another example so here this is a little bit more involved they say once again each big square below represents one hole and once again they want us to express the shaded areas both a fraction and a decimal so pause this video and have a go at this all right so let's start with a fraction again so we have one hole two holes and then partially shaded in this third hole so if I'm gonna express this as a fraction really is going to be a mixed number I would say that this over here this is two wholes now this third hole is only partially filled in and we can see that it has been divided into hundredths you can see it's a 10 by 10 grid so each of these squares represent one hundredth of a hole and how many of these hundredths are filled in well you let's say you have 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 and then you have 70 one two three four we can see that seventy-four of the hundredths are filled in so as a mixed number this whole thing would represent two and seventy four hundredths now if we want to write it as a decimal we would have two holes and then we could go to the tenths place you could just write two and seventy four hundreds like that if you're pretty familiar with it you could also think about it in terms of how many tenths and how many hundredths do you have we have one two three four five six seven tenths and then we have four more hundredths beyond that you could think of it as seventy four hundredths or seven tenths and four hundreds but either way we are done